Recording and editing sound files isn’t reserved to professionals only. With the help of various apps, such as All Recorder, you can do it yourself.

The software comes with a clean interface, with plenty of buttons that can aid you in the process.

All Recorder can open any MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG or VQF audio files. The files can be edited with the help of the various tools provided by the software. For example, you can add fade in and fade out effects, normalize the sound levels, scale, squeeze, silence, invert volume or reverse the song.

You can also add echoes, delays, reverberation, tremolo and phaser, as well as a “wah wah” effect. A series of buttons enable you to fiddle with the track selections.

The software can record sounds from various media, such as microphones, line-in audio, audio streaming from the Internet or music played through the software on your computer, such as players, Flash apps and video games.

Further customization of the tracks is possible by defining the sample rate, bit rate and channel mode of the input and output files. Recordings can also be scheduled at various time frequencies, such as once every few minutes, hours or days, every day or at login. The software enables you to program when to stop the process.

The app can also auto-split your track into smaller pieces, depending on the chosen settings.

The fact of the matter is that All Recorder is an advanced tool, with an intuitive interface. However, inexperienced users could find this app difficult to work with this at first.