Finding a file converter that really works has always been a challenge, especially when having to deal with audio content because preserving quality is a must in all cases.

All To MP3 Converter promises to work wonders, being able to convert virtually all audio files out there to MP3 quickly and easily, without wasting the user's precious time. Surely one thing that's really worth mentioning isn't necessary the fact that it's so efficient, but the way it does the whole thing.

All To MP3 Converter uses an innovative approach, so you will be able to convert audio files to MP3 straight from Windows Explorer, by right clicking on a given file and choosing the 'Convert to MP3' option.

Although it may all sound like an easy job, it's not, because you may also have to look in the settings menu and modify its options.

You can thus change the samplerate and channels, choose the bitrate, enable normalizing, decide whether to delete the source file after processing or to check the correctness of conversion when you're all set.

Of course, you can also write down the output folder if you don't want to use the source folder by default, enable the ID3 tag and generate the name of the output file using a given rule.

All To MP3 Converter does work pretty fast and the quality of the resulted file is close, if not identical, to the original's one, so it's all just a matter of clicks until you're done with the conversion.

Since it relies on a rather decent set of features, All To MP3 Converter could very well become a must have for many users. It doesn't require advanced knowledge or complex configurations, so it should deserve a try.