Nowadays, anyone that wants to transport data on a portable format will either choose a USB stick or some of the newer external hard drives that get smaller day by day. That doesn't mean that discs have become obsolete since, after digital download, they are the cheapest way of distributing movies.

Allok Video to DVD Burner comes as a solution for anyone that wants to keep their precious videos on a DVD in order to view it on the TV or any other media that supports reading such discs.

The installation process is short, uneventful and guided by an installation wizard. Once that is done, you will be greeted by a user-friendly user interface that is both self-explanatory and straightforward. This, along with the DVD writing process itself ensures that you will be done with your portable media as soon as possible.

The steps needed to be taken are simple: You first have to add the video files in the list, and then press the "Start" button. For those wishing to customize the writing process, the "Settings" menu offers several adjustable parameters, such as the output folder, quality, aspect ratio, audio codec, as well as several post-writing operations.

The app's simplicity may be a bit of a turn=off for those of you who are more experienced and would like more customization options, making it a tool that is more beginner-oriented.

However, the DVD's label can be changed and, if you don't have a DVD at that very moment, you can choose to save the whole compilation as an ISO file on your hard drive for later burning

Allok Video to DVD Burner caters towards beginner users above all else, making it an excellent tool to have in your digital library, and if you're not used to using such software utilities, even better.