Alt-N MDaemon Server Free addresses a small groups of users that are on the lookout for an application software to help them quickly and easily set up an email server that is also powerful yet easy-to-use. With Alt-N MDaemon Server Free, you can accomplish that, given the fact that you look into learning a few new tricks in case you are a beginner when it comes to this type of computer program.

Alt-N MDaemon Server Free is designed to manage the electronic mail desiderata of any number of individual users and comes consummate with a puissant set of integrated implements for managing mail accounts and message formats. MDaemon offers a scalable SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 mail server consummate with LDAP and Active Directory support, an integrated browser-predicated email client, content filtering, spam filters or extensive security features.

With the puissant features of Alt-N MDaemon Server Free, you can host your network's email with MDaemon's full-fledged SMTP server, or you can amass your entire domain's email from a single ISP provided POP3 mailbox via the included DomainPOP feature. You can additionally host multiple Mailing Lists, sanction your users to access their electronic mail via the included WorldClient webmail component, and utilize a number of other features.

To sum it all up, Alt-N MDaemon Server Free can prove to be a great addition to anyone’s software arsenal as long as you are willing to break it down into pieces and truly give it the required time to get accustomed to all of its functions and the options it has to offer. Only then, you can look at the big picture and realize how much Alt-N MDaemon Server Free can do for you.