AltSwitch is an advanced replacement for the standard Windows Alt+Tab task switcher. AltSwitch lets easily navigate between tasks running on your computer using keyboard and/or mouse.

For each task a small preview image  will be displayed, size of the preview image is adjustable. Task preview includes all task windows, even those that are floating palettes.

Previews are caching for faster drawing. There are two different styles of task preview пїЅ Fit and Desktop. If the Fit style is selected, task preview is zoomed or shrunk to fit the size of the preview area.

If the Desktop style is selected, task preview is displayed as it appears on the screen, Windows taskbar is optionally drawn.

AltSwitch is distributed with two built-in skins. Check site updates for new custom skins

Visual Task Previews. For each task AltSwitch draws a small preview image. All windows of the task are displayed on the preview image, including floating toolbars and pallets. There are two styles of task previews – "Fit" Style and "Desktop" Style, see screenshots below

Flexible Skin Support. AltSwitch is fully skinable and can change its appearance as a chameleon.

Mouse Navigation Support. Unlike standard Windows task switcher, AltSwitch supports the mouse. You can point by the mouse on the task and switch to it by clicking. Mouse wheel supported as well, just hold down the Alt key and scroll mouse wheel up and down to see this feature in action.

Performance Monitoring. AltSwitch optionally draws performance information for each task in real time. Information includes processor and memory usage displayed as two bars.

Task Management. AltSwitch provides a set of useful task management commands, including Minimize to Tray command. This command frequently distributed by other companies as a standalone product.

Internet Integration. AltSwitch may optionally notify you about new versions of product, automatically update server exclusions and automatically share custom exclusions.

Fast Speed and Small Memory Usage. AltSwitch works with huge amounts of graphical information, but it still fast and lightweight.