Synchronizing files can be quite a tiresome task, especially if done manually. With the help of Altsync for Outlook, this problem can be solved. The program allows you to sync Outlook files from your computer to others, by simply using email addresses. In order to properly work, the program requires Microsoft Outlook installed and running on your computer.

The application can help you synchronize files from your computer to others without having to configure a lot of settings, but simply using email addresses. This way, you can select the files you need to share, such as contacts, notes and calendar data, then enter the email that you need to sync these files with.

In addition, since the program works with emails, no server is required. This means that you only have to enter the email address you want to sync data to.

Altsync for Outlook helps you share your data with other computers, by syncing them with any email address. By synchronizing calendars, contacts, emails, journals, notes and tasks, you can transfer important data to one of your alternate email addresses or to one of your colleagues.

Aside from this, you can grant various permissions for handling files. You can change the permissions for each email address used for synchronization, especially those related to writing, reading and modifying files.

To sum it up, Altsync for Outlook offers you a fast and simple way of synchronizing files between computers, by simply using email addresses. This comes in handy for both beginner and experienced users, as they do not have to go through a complex setup for connecting computers, but simply use their email addresses.