Using the computer on a daily basis eventually gets it filled up with various leftovers from removed applications and other such junk files. A standard antivirus solution has no saying in this matter, but there are specialized utilities such as Alva System Utilities which promise to scrub most areas of your PC for an extra boost in performance.

At a first look, the application does not stand out from the crowd through visuals, with a compact and modest design, but arrangement of elements makes it pretty intuitive. The main window provides an overview of your system, such as hardware details and number of applications you currently have installed on your computer.

In addition, you can get more info about your computer's CPU, baseboard, display, as well as a list of installed applications, as well as the possibility to add more programs to startup items. Unfortunately, there's no option to remove or disable apps that launch at startup, which is a shame since this is a utility meant to optimize your system.

Moving on to more pressing matters, the application claims to be specialized in tracking down and removing unnecessary files, shortcuts, as well as startup programs. They are automatically detected when the application is launched, with the possibility to have them repaired by pressing the dedicated button.

What's more, additional tools are available to save energy, which comes in handy if installed on laptops, maximize performance by disabling certain Windows features and visual effects, and revert all changes to default in case unexpected errors occur during optimization.

However, the application does not really offer a sense of accomplishment, because your computer appears to instantly get clogged once the application is closed, launching it again still displaying issues. Moreover, feature set is generally poor, with little to no customization options, nor a scheduler to have the process triggered automatically.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Alva System Utilities leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to system maintenance. It's surely not the best of its kind, with a poor set of features that don't seem to prove a point, with every scan processes trying to convince you there is something constantly wrong with your system.