Amaze Multimedia Screen Saver is an user-friendly and intuitive program designed to replace your original screensaver and offer much more than the Windows screensaver. It supports most popular and less known image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, DCM, PCX, ICO, PPM, PSD and CRW, along with video and audio items. The application comes with a well-structured and accessible interface divided into four sections, namely, display, files, music and settings, each provides individual elements.

The first tab lets you select the desired mode you wish to play your pictures or videos, such as full screen, multiple images, photo pile and memory wall effect. For the first choice, you can select one or more transition effects ( cross, fade, page flip, 3D, wipe, twist) and their speed and for the second the number of pictures, highlight and shadows.

The third lets you change the size of images displayed on the screen, the maximum rotation angle and the number of photos after which the items are cleared. As for the last mode, it provides a list of frames you can use, along with the number of records on the screen and the pan speed.

Amaze Multimedia Screen Saver gives you the option to choose what files should be played while you're away from your computer, by either browsing the location of the save folder or from a favorite list. The preview shows the currently selected item and plays videos and audios. Plus, you can filter what file types should be loaded as well as sort them ascending or descending and showing them in thumbnail or detailed view.

In addition, it's possible to add various tracks from the PC in most of the popular formats (e.g. MP3, WAV, WMA, AIF, MID, MIDI ) and move them up and down to arrange them in the desired order. From the settings, the app lets you display particular captions at the bottom and top of the monitor, change the background colors, and enable randomization and system tray icon.

Taking everything into account, Amaze Multimedia Screen Saver is a handy and straightforward utility that comes in handy if you want to easily change and manage your screensaver using your favorite photo collection and sounds. During our testing, the app didn't encounter any errors.