Building a real-life marine aquarium is expensive, but nothing can stop you from enjoying one virtually. Amazing 3D Aquarium is a beautiful, animated screensaver that displays various exotic fish types swimming among the corals.

The app allows you to fiddle with a bunch of settings. For example, you can modify the video resolution to your liking from a drop-down menu, or use the desktop’s default settings. Furthermore, you can choose from a set of plugins in order to enrich the environment with plankton or starfish and thus make it look more realistic.

Amazing 3D Aquarium also comes with a background sound of popping air bubbles. The volume for these sounds can be modified with the help of a slide bar.

Furthermore, you can choose a background environment and up to ten fish to swim around on your screen. This can be from a large list of fish families, each more colorful than the next.

The way the fish interact with the environment is realistic and it further makes you feel like you have a real-file aquarium in front of you.

All in all, Amazing 3D Aquarium is a nice screensaver that can capture your attention over long periods of time. Installing it can be done quite easy and first-time users should have no problems figuring out how to work this app.