Working with a lot of files on your computer can be risky sometimes, especially since all of your documents can be vulnerable to attacks, which might reveal sensitive data about you or your business.

To prevent things like this from happening, aside from setting up an effective antivirus or firewall protection system, you might want to try encrypting some of your more important documents with apps like Amazing Any Data Encryption.

As its name strongly suggests, you can choose to encrypt any document or folder on your computer with this app. You just need to provide the application with the files you want to secure through encryption and define a password.

However, once you define the password by typing it in the designated field, you'll get prompted to either buy the application or begin a free trial period. Clicking the free trial button doesn't trigger any response, making it impossible to encrypt anything with the trial version.

Aside from encrypting stuff on your computer, this application should also be able to decrypt it just as easily. Just provide the app with the folder or file you've previously encrypted, type the password in the designated field and your files should be unlocked.

The application also features a "History" section where you should be able to view a list of files you've encrypted and decrypted. The interesting thing is that you can encrypt, disguise and delete these records so that no curious eyes can track your steps.

All in all, if you want to encrypt or decrypt files or folders on your computers, you can give Amazing Any Data Encryption a try. However, be aware that the trial version doesn't seem to let you test this app's capabilities before buying it, so caution is advised.

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