Amazing Laptop Cooling Wizard is a smart and lightweight application that prevents the overheating of laptops, notebooks, etc.

Even though most laptops are keeping a nice and cool temperature, some heat up to the point where it can damage the user or its internals. Keeping the temp down helps both parties and may avoid other expenses.

If PCs have a large unit where the parts are stored in such a way that larger or multiple fans can be mounted, reducing and keeping the temperature under control is not too hard to accomplish. On the other side, laptops/notebooks, have less to no extra space for adding larger or fans. This is where the application starts to make sense. Amazing Laptop Cooling Wizard will concentrate on your CPU fan and influence its rotation speed.

If you are multitasking and feel the heat going up, start the app and forget about it. The fan's speed will be boosted in order to get the temp in the accepted parameters.

The interface keeps it simple. It has a start/stop button that controls the process and an animated fan that will spin when the app is running.

Recommended for users that need to reduce their laptops CPU temp even by a couple of degrees and for those want to avoid temperature spikes.

Limitations in the unregistered version60 minutes trial