More and more retailers are choosing to sell their products through Amazon, but it can be difficult to figure out how to set the best price for a particular item.

Amazon Best Prices is a useful application designed to help you out in this regard. It can retrieve product data, perform a complete analysis and reprice items on Amazon.

While the two modules are designed to work together, the configurator and the repricer are launched as separate applications. The former enables administrators to configure repricing files, while the latter allows staff members to execute the operation using existing presets.

When installing the software, a desktop shortcut is created only for the repricer, but you can find the executable file for the configurator in the application directory.

Once you have added your account details, defined the ERB source type and other repricing settings, you can save the configuration file and even perform a test to make sure no errors are encountered.

The application is capable of retrieving relevant data from Amazon, such as current prices, sales ranks, lowest prices and competitive prices, and it reprices your products based on this information.

Additionally, Amazon Best Prices allows you to use data from ERP, and it is possible to write complex scripts for calculating new prices and margins.

First-time users may find the program to be a tad confusing, but the extensive documentation available on the product’s homepage should help clear things up.

The UI is somewhat outdated, but the application’s layout is very straightforward.

All in all, Amazon Best Prices is a useful software utility that can help those who sell products on Amazon and wish to set optimal prices for their items. It features a simple UI and provides you with comprehensive documentation.