Amazon Chime is a professional and comprehensive communication service for business-like environments, developed for hosting online meetings with colleagues, team members, or users from your organization as seamless as possible.

It's available for two of the most popular desktop platforms, namely Windows and macOS, as well as for iOS and Android, thus covering the basis of portability and accessibility pretty well.

Getting started with this Amazon Chime only requires you to download and install the app on your computer, sign-in using your official AWS account and undergo a simplistic verification procedure that requires checking your email and clicking a button. More details about all its basic functionality can be found in the dedicated section.

Straight from the get-go, everything feels well-thought-out. The UI is neatly organized, with features that are always within your reach, smooth transitions between sections, and even appropriately-picked colors.

Even though it might seem simple, the app is very well-equipped to help you run effective online meetings. It allows you to host video conferences for up to 15 users on the desktop clients and a maximum of 8 on mobile devices. You can effortlessly chat with users in single conversations or group chats, you can share files (drag and drop supported) or efficiently collaborate on projects via bespoke chat rooms.

In a nutshell, it follows all the principles of most other full-stack communication apps, but it's the attention to details that is bound to differentiate Amazon Chime from others.

For starters, it's worth pointing out the service's strong focus on quality thanks to high-definition video optimization and noise-cancellation technology. Secondly, and just as important, is the security orientation, with standard AES-256 technologies used for encrypting messages, voice recordings, video streams and all the other content.

Finally, the best thing about Amazon Chime is definitely the way it allows you to manage online meetings via a set of extremely powerful features. You can effortlessly join meetings or simply create personal or one-time meetings, schedule meetings and instantly share them with users inside or outside your organization.

The cherry on top of the cake is the screen sharing feature that, not only works flawlessly, but it also packs everything you would expect regarding features, including a very interesting partial remote control option that allows you and your team members to use the same screen for prosperous collaboration.

The aim was to provide users with a feature-packed, highly intuitive, and secure environment for their online meetings or business talks and, by the looks of it, Amazon has really nailed all three markers with Amazon Chime.