Organizing your photos can be a tedious task, especially if you have a lot of material to work with. With the help of Ambler Photo Organizer, you can significantly ease your work. The program helps you quickly sort and organize your photos in just a couple of seconds.

The application provides you with a quick and efficient way of organizing your photos, by processing the folder that contains them. You can set the application to sort your photos by grouping them with similar ones, then arrange them from the oldest to the newest or vice versa.

Furthermore, you can optimize post-processing by setting the application to create folders for each group of similar photos, sorted by their age. This way, you are able to sort your old pictures from the new ones, even if they have similar names, sizes or content.

Ambler Photo Organizer allows you to instantly sort your pictures based on their creation date, since this can be one of the most determining factor when it comes to photo collections. Because some photos might be newer than others, but have similar content, such as a photo of your house, sorting images based on their creation date ensures the quickest and most efficient way of organization.

In addition, you are able to retrieve the EXIF information of a photo, known as metadata. These datasets contain information about the device that took the picture, GPS location, size and other similar entries.

To conclude, Ambler Photo Organizer is ideal for quickly searching and sorting photos based on their creation date, although implementing other search criteria might significantly increase its usability, since others might prefer alphabetical or size sorting, for instance.