AMF CD and DVD Jewel Case and Label Maker is an application that lets you create labels and covers for your CDs and DVDs.

Once you initiate the program with the user-friendly interface, you can select the format of your new document (CD jewel case or DVD case, single or double disc) and optionally use the default template.

So, you can click the fields to edit the text (e.g. artist name, title, total time, year).

On the right side of the screen you have a few sample images that you can insert into your project (by pressing "Insert" in the context menu or by using the "drag and drop" method).

You can zoom in and out, change the color, alignment, style, angle, size and attributes of the font, select single-line, multi-line or word-wrap, as well as toggle text linking.

But you can also read a CD, insert a new text field, display grid-lines, as well as print and use the "Undo" and "Redo" buttons.

Furthermore, you can change the label paper and the unit type, snap to grid, set an image as background, bring image to front, unlock aspect ratio, set text margin, and more.

The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and is very easy to work with. It didn't freeze or crash during our tests. Unfortunately, we weren't able to access its help file. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend AMF CD and DVD Jewel Case and Label Maker to all users.