AMV3 Video Codec is a software solution built to help your computer obtain an increase in performance and video quality rendering. It’s created to optimize playback for Intel and AMD processors and supports high speed processing for both lossless and lossy compression.

The installation process contains nothing special compared to the classic wizard in which you just click the ‘Next’ button. Once it is installed, you can access it from the Start menu or Start Screen depending on the Windows version you use.

From the AMV3 Video Codec main window you can access configuration for the AMV3, AMV2 MT and AMV2 video codecs. In case you need to, you can also view their installation paths and are even offered quick access to an ‘uninstall’ button.

To properly configure a component of the codec, you need to have some basic knowledge and understanding of what each parameter does and how it affects playback. With a few clicks it’s easy to change the compression level, set the keyframe time interval, toggle the interlace technique and choose the thread count in case of multi thread encoding and decoding.

All of the above mentioned settings are made available in one window along with others. You can also change the input and output color formats, as well as activate error notifications.

The settings you apply to the codec can be saved under different profiles, meaning that you can create custom ones for different types of videos so you won’t have to redo the settings every time.

To sum things up, AMV3 Video Codec is a straightforward codec that can be quickly configured and used to improve the quality of your movies in a simple manner.