The world of music creation has been constantly changing, fueled largely by the ever-increasing number of instruments and sounds at its disposal. A small part of this artistic revolution is due to the myriad of VST plugins now available for use. Analog Drum Kit M01 is one such DAW addin that allows users to make use of no less than 24 vintage-style drum sounds.

More specifically, the module consists of three sub-components, essentially made up of ten kick sounds, ten snares, and four hi-hat notes. All in all, these 24 elements can provide a distinctive feeling to any composition, as the multi-sampled sounds are played in 'random round robin mode'. This means subtle variations are present on each playback.

Once loaded into a proper VST host (any DAW suite will do), the application displays a clear vintage-style GUI, where 24 pads control the respective samples. A simple press on one of the buttons generates the sample sound, also highlighting the button with a distinctive red color. Several knobs are available for adjusting sound levels, thus allowing users a very intuitive experience.

Three of the four knobs mentioned can be employed to generate simple, one-shot sounds while the one marked with a distinguishing red color controls the overall output gain. Four audio sliders can be used to adjust the volume of each individual instrument (kick drum, snare, closed hi-hat and open hi-hat).

To sum up, Analog Drum Kit M01 is a valuable tool for anyone in the business of creating music. It features 24 vintage-style drum, snare and hi-hat sounds that can be further customized by employing the built-in audio sliders and knobs.