If you are working as a musician or sound engineer, you probably understand that sometimes it can be challenging to rely solely on hardware, since software solutions can play a major role in simplifying your projects.

For instance, Analog Lab 2 is a specialized third-party application that can help you achieve satisfactory results in the situation depicted above by providing you with a wide variety of relevant tools.

This program comes with a classy, user-friendly interface that packs numerous functions, which are organized neatly so that you can access them without significant efforts. The main window displays a virtual studio packed with a plethora of virtual instruments. Loading any of them can be done by clicking it, which also triggers a tooltip that lets you view a brief history of the instrument.

Although its visually appealing interface might seem easy to operate, the technical nature of its functions can make it difficult for novices to understand and operate them entirely. However, even novices might get the hang of it after tampering with its controls for a while.

Analog Lab 2 is a collection of several virtual instruments, oscillators, modulators, synthesizers or standard keyboards that you can access in no time. It is also possible to connect a MIDI keyboard to your computer and let the application route the signals through, providing you with a high-quality sound.

Each instrument comes with specific settings, which can be easily altered from the pane positioned on the top of the virtual keyboard. Some of them include attack time, sustain level, release time, wet level decay, resonance filter, cutoff filter, pitch and mod.

Aside from letting you load virtual instruments and adjust their settings, this application also packs an outstanding amount of presets that you can easily load. You just need to locate the button on the top of the screen and select your preferred item from the list.

Given that the virtual keyboard is still displayed on the screen when you browse the preset list, you can test your selection by clicking any of the keys. It is also possible to perform a search by typing the content in the designated field.

All in all, Analog Lab 2 is a handy application that provides you with several virtual instruments and an impressive preset collection. It also allows you to operate it with a MIDI keyboard. It comes with a visually appealing interface, packs intuitive functions and provides you with customization possibilities for each instrument.