Some of the most popular applications on the Internet are designed for work with audio files. One of them is Analysis Center. It's a modern and neat software solution that allows you to analyze sound quality in multiple ways.

You can compare peak levels, view various waves, convert audio files to other formats and do much more.

The application sports a really modern and complex graphical interface with multiple features and tools that you can check out. It doesn't come with any instructions, but you have a link to the developer's website which is filled with all sort of detailed information on the program.

You can arrange icons and windows inside the application, so that you can work on multiple sections at the same time.

It comes with the option to connect the application to your soundcard's input so that the oscillator signal can feed the outputs. It has a compare mode which allows you to properly analyze sound. It comes with two peak levels to control the input with an amplitude scaler.

It supports multiple scale calibrations, like -99dB, -60dB, -40dB, -20dB, -15dB, -10dB. It supports wave recording for the line and the mic input and it has a built-in mp3 player to analyze mp3 files. You can use two peak level labels for increased amplitude.

It has a logarithmic amplitude scaler of -60dB,-30dB,-15dB,-12dB,-10dB,-6dB. It also comes with peak hold option built in the oscilloscope and you can use the file converter to make sure you can work on your files. It allows you to convert mp3 to wav, convert wav to mp3, normalize wave files and much more.

All in all, Analysis Center is a useful software solution that helps you analyze sound quality by comparing peak levels. You can also convert your files to other formats and use multiple scale calibrations.