Subsequent to a fairly brief and uneventful installation process, users can launch the program and start working with it right away, as its clean and intuitive looks make it accessible for individuals of all levels of experience.

The main window of AnansiPedia allows users to access the ‘Library’ or adjust the utility’s functioning ‘Options’, with just a few mouse moves.

In the ‘Library’ section, users can access the ‘1200 Encyclopedia’ folder comprising an extensive amount of educational material from several different domains, such as ‘Area and Geography’, ‘Arts, Drama & Film’, ‘Bibliography’ or ‘Technology & Computers’.

The provided PDFs files can be browsed, enabling users to open them, then resort to the zoom in or zoom out functions to read its contents, as well as print the document. From the context menu, users can categorize the documents they like in the ‘Favorites’ group, as well as ‘Bookmark’ certain files.

Moreover, files can be moved to a different location or they can also be deleted, if users do not consider them necessary. While from inside AnansiPedia, users cannot add new documents, they can place PDFs in the storage folder of the tool.

To conclude, AnansiPedia is a useful and easy to understand application functioning as a file manager for a built-in library of educational material, aiming to offer users the possibility of advancing their knowledge.