Andrew Vector Plugins Volume 12 ShapeFX1 For Illustrator PC is a useful plugin for Adobe Illustrator that comes with many features.

Shape plugin creates shapes based around 8 points or less

Shape plugin is packed with 60 great presets

Shapes plugin generates a large range of different shape designs in seconds

Shapes plugin is packed with experimentation / randomization features to create unique shape designs

Shapes plugins can generate shapes across layers for animation effects

Shapes plugin comes with a large selection of exciting sketch / hand drawn features to create wow sketchy designs

Shapes plugin comes with drop shadow / shadow features

Shapes plugin can manipulate the angle / scaling of the designed shapes as well as warp and apply a large selection of tweaks to the shape design

Modify the shape points / direction points in a huge number of ways

Shapes set comes with over 200 bonus starter royalty-free symbols

Shapes plugin creates a single shape or multiple shapes

Shapes plugin overlaps shapes and designs to create unique shape designs

Shapes plugin can be used to generate 100s of different designs

Shapes plugin can be used to create wow textures / backgrounds / patterns and more

Warp plugin is also included and creates unique warping designs via envelope

Combine multiple warps in 100s of ways

Warp plugins works on a path or multiple paths or warps images or warp symbols and more

Export shapes / save as symbols / use with text and more







Flower designs


Unusual shapes

And 100s of other shapes

60+ presets and more to help you get started with the plugin set. The presets include sketch / shadow presets and many different shape designs

Additional warp plugin included for zillions of additional distortions and shape designs. Use the warp tool to extend the shape designs into totally new and way out illustration designs

The shape plugin is the first of a series of shape generation plugins. The plugin creates paths based on eight points or less. The plugin creates the path and uses the direction points of the path to manipulate the path curves to create a near infinite range of different shape designs

Click the extreme button to apply extreme modifications to the basic shapes, creating zillions of variant path designs

The paths can then be used in Illustrations, exported to other applications as shapes, used as clipping paths and so on. The plug-in is a toolkit addition to Illustrator and an infinite shapes resource creator.