Andrew's Plugins Volume 16 'GXPowerBlend':

Colorful gradients/blend plugin

Paint / distortion plugin

Millions of great gradient effects combined to create awesome glow effects / line effects / radial effects / tonal effects / color designs / paint effects / woodcut / ink designs and much more

PowerBlend Plugin:

Tabbed dialogs for ease of use

77 powerful output modes such as tiles

Mix three gradients for 1000s of blends

Many hi-impact mixing settings

Many different types of gradient blends

100s of color combinations

100s of pre-built presets / effects

Tweak color in 100s of ways

Use to create designs / backgrounds

Use with text and more

Radial / linear / pyramid settings and more

18 effect apply modes such as blur

Transparency settings for layer effects

Many randomization / experiment features

Color channel features

Use in RGB as well as LAB CMYK etc

Blend across layers

Re-apply and mix

Create woodcut designs

Create inkpen effects

Create unusual negative color effects

Create unusual paint effects

Use for smears and sepia effects

Modify settings via preview

GridEdge Warp plugin

Tabbed dialogs for ease of use

77 output modes such as mirror / tiles

Create stunning paint effects

Create stunning glass designs

Create wow texture designs

Create blurred and smeared distortions

Combine three distortions and mix

Millions of different warping effects

Modify warp settings via the preview

Color channel features

Combine with powerblend plugin

Distort text and images

Each plug-in comes with 77 variant output modes / blending modes, modifying any effect in a variety of ways (invert, dark edges, sketch, four different styles of tiling, posterization, randomization, color wrap, channel manipulation, mirror, color factor outputs, sketch, and others)

Each plug-in comes with advanced effects modes, taking the plugin effect and feeding the effect into another effect (such as blurring, horizontal displacement, extreme shift, paint, color blur, smearing, overlay, tone effects, paint, sepia smear, gray, grain and others)

Each plugin comes with transparency settings for use with a layer. The effect modifies the layer transparency. Many different layer modes such as create transparency based on red channel or the inverse and others. Use this information in layer effects, selections and more

Plug-in set includes presets, save your own settings for future use.

Many different channel settings to manipulate the red / green and blue channels

Each plug-in is packed with many experimentation or randomization features to experiment with extreme or subtle changes to the effect or apply different color settings

Each plugin works in standard RGB but the plugins also work in CMYK LAB Grayscale and other color modes as well as in 16 bit

This plugin set is also available in the collection set of all the plugins in the Andrew's Plugins series.

Each plugin comes with a large preview. Manipulate the settings via the preview also to create interactive effects

Plug-ins can be used to create millions and millions of different wow effects and designs

From the creators of the 'Andrew's Filters' series