Android Development Tools is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE which might prove to be useful when creating Android applications. You can use this tool in order to extend the functionality of the development environment with the ability to set up Android projects.

ADT is now Deprecated.

This integrated environment enables you to easily create the interface of the application, to embed packages supported by the Android Framework API and to package the application for the end-user. It is able to handle all the production process, from starting the project and up to distributing the .APK file.

The UI design tool included in the package enables you to quickly design the layout of the application by dragging items and configuring their properties. You can create a prototype and adjust its functions with just a few clicks.

The plugin includes customized XML editors and a debug output pane that enable you to handle debugging processes by using the tools included in the Android SDK package. The user can access many of the command line tools included in the SDK by using an easy to use graphical interface.

The main advantage of this plugin is the integration in the Eclipse menus and interface which enables you to access its functions with minimum effort. It combines the functionality of the widely-used Eclipse IDE with the Android specific building tools.

The developer provides you with step by step instructions on how to install the plugin and an integrated documentation for the design elements. You can find out more details about using a certain class or method by hovering over them with your mouse cursor.

If you want to create applications for Android devices, Android Development Tools can help you improve your productivity. You can also use it to sign your app before exporting it for the end-user.