Android Live Wallpaper Maker is a reliable program whose main purpose is to help in the making of personalized live wallpapers for Android devices.

It uses local images and animations in order to produce APK files that can be installed on an Android enabled smartphones and run as a screen background.

The program is suited for home users who want to quickly generate a custom wallpaper, as well as for developers who can sell the projects on the dedicated market.

Android Live Wallpaper Maker provides a comfortable design environment, which is organized in such a manner that even users who are less experienced with this type of application will get a hold of it real quick.

A project starts off by choosing a background, on top of which multiple objects can be added, edited and animated. The objects can be moved around using the mouse and set to appear after a preset interval. They can also be rotated, moved or resized according to your preferences.

As far as the animation is concerned, the program allows you to build one from multiple frames or use an existing GIF file, which will run for a custom interval on the selected background. On top of these, you have the possibility of adding fade effects, with a cycle option that will replay the animation.

Once the project is ready, you can start building it using a wizard-based process that requires you to create a keystore (the Android OS requires keystores to install new applications), select an output location, name and version, after which the APK file will be delivered to the chosen directory.

Android Live Wallpaper Maker is one of the few choices available on today’s software market dedicated to producing live wallpapers. It doesn’t require programming knowledge, to the advantage of all audiences.