Conveying messages through graphical content can be one of the most effective ways of communicating, regardless if we’re talking about a business presentation, a student project or even your children’s’ kindergarten drawings. Animated Banner Maker will offer you the means of creating your own, banners, diagrams or drawings, all through a series of simple and intuitive tools that are purpose-fit for designing such content.

The application features an interface that resembles those of classic image editors, with a layout comprised of a main working area, adjacent side-panels, and lots of on-screen controls, for some of the most common graphics operations.

The overall adjustability and accessibility provided by the said layout are significant, yielding increased efficiency in use. All the on-screen controls are ample and one can easily perform a lot of image processing operations without even having to enter the menus.

In terms of the actual features provided for the animation, one will have access to a timeline, tools for working on it, as well as a collection of features that are aimed at offering positioning for the symbols or objects used in the animation.

For those who wish to also adjust the actual image characteristics, each frame can be edited individually, and even a dedicated color balance tool is provided, making things easier for adjusting the final look of the frames of the animation.

This application targets those who are looking for an efficient way of creating animations, banners or just image layouts, with customizable elements and graphic elements.