If you've ever been the creative type and wanted to breathe life in photographs of you and your friends, there's a high chance you wanted to try to make a beautiful-looking slideshow or liven up a home video with some filters or music.

This is where a slideshow creator or a video editing / creating software solution might have come in handy. One such solution is Animotica, a simple-to-use yet feature-rich Windows Store App.

You are greeted by a welcoming, colorful and simple menu, with buttons that are highly intuitive and well placed. The options given to you are simple: create videos, edit existing ones, or create slideshows.

When it comes to editing video files, you can add effects, clips or audio tracks, or even caption the video with either text or stickers. A variety of tastes can be satisfied with the video editing options supplied by this tool, as those of you who are whimsical can use emoji stickers, such as Christmas-themed stickers for the holiday season.

The moviemaker component of this app allows you to create long videos by compiling multiple short clips, mix up movies and photos or even transform videos into image files. Just as the video editor, the moviemaker has effects, captioning and editable audio tracks.

The last component is the slideshow creator, which allows you to make wonderful presentations with custom transitions and audio from your personal music collection. Just add the photos, choose the soundtrack, as well as select the format from a list of options such as 16:9, 4:3 or site-specific formats like Instagram or Youtube.

At the end of the project, you just have to choose the overall slideshow duration, and there you have it: an aesthetically-pleasing slideshow to share with your loved ones. You can also keep track of what you create with this app as it has a history of all past projects to make them easily accessible for future modifications and tweaks.

By giving you the power to create and edit videos and slideshows and, thanks to its visually appealing design, Animotica is a good solution for those looking to showcase the perfect moments spent with friends and family.