In case you are trading stocks as part or full-time job, then there are probably times when you feel that managing your investments can feel like a titanic task, especially given the changing economic climate. When it comes to managing finances, you need all the help you can get and the good news is that there are numerous tools out there that can provide the extra ledge you need.

ANNI Standard is an application that enables you to perform advanced analysis on stocks, mutual funds, futures, FOREX and other types of bonds, so that you can determine the best times for buying or selling securities.

The installation is quick and simple, as it entails following some a few intuitive steps that you are most likely accustomed to by now. Upon launch, you come face to face with a rugged and outdated GUI, but that is intuitive, so it is unlike to pose any real issues for first-time users.

Before you can start using the various utensils it comes with, first you need to create a file for the security you want to monitor. You should know that the program enables you to create various portfolios, a feature that permits you to organize and manage your investments better. The app includes online and offline modes that you can switch between depending on your connection.

As a side note, the program comes with a detailed Help section, so you should not hesitate to browse through it in case you do not understand or know how to perform an operation.

The advantage of the utility comes from the handy tools it provides you for monitoring and analyzing the evolution of the securities and their prices during a fixed period. To be more precise, you can calculate the chances of success if you were to sell bonds or stocks now or after a given time, check out the profit and loss, analyze the potential earnings and perform an autocorrelation analysis.

Several further noteworthy functions the app comes with enable you to predict the evolution of the funds, securities and bonds on the market. Consequentially, you can consult the Epoch's Histogram, prediction and error graphs as well as Net's Weights 2D plots to confirm or infirm your previous measurements or test a rumor.

ANNI Standard is a feature-rich utility that allows you create, analyze and monitor investments and securities using powerful tools that are easy to use.