Answers is a useful and intuitive software solution that you can use to build help documents in little to no time, sparing you the effort of having to do it all from scratch, by offering you ready-made themes and letting you input the contents you need.

The application experiences a straightforward setup process, after which you can launch it and begin designing your help or FAQ page immediately.

The interface of Answers is organized into several tabs, specifically ‘Landing Page’, ‘Questions’, Categories’, ‘Theme’, ‘Properties’ and ‘Build’, so you can easily switch between them and input the corresponding text.

When designing a new file, you can start by defining the ‘Landing Page’ and adjust it to suit your needs. Subsequently, you can move on the more time-consuming part of the task, that of entering the information you wish to present to your users, which can be done from the ‘Questions’ tab.

You can add as many entries as you want, selecting a category and assigning it a title, then inserting the information you wish to provide people with. To make sure you have all the ‘Categories’ your topic needs, you can add them in the same-named section of Answers.

Next, you can select one of the several available ‘Themes’ for your document, for instance ‘Tycoon’, iOS6’, ‘Help Style - Windows’ or ‘Help Style - Mac’. Similarly, you can import your own, in A-THEME format, using the management component.

Just as important is the ‘Properties’ tab, where you can define the name, author, description, copyright and published URL for your help file. You can even include ‘Media’ contents, namely images. Finally, you can ‘Build’ your file, choosing its type (‘Static’, ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Classic’), the ‘Global Options’ and the destination folder.

To conclude, Answers is a handy and efficient program that you can rely on for building help and FAQ documents, enabling you to get the job done without wasting too much time or effort on such a simple task.