AntiPorno Win has been designed as a simple application that can block access to online adult content.

The product comes with clear installation instructions and the entire operation of getting it on the system takes little time to complete.

One thing to remember is that its installation folder is in the same directory as Internet Explorer and with the free edition you can prevent accessing content for mature audiences in this web browser.

The action it takes is to immediately terminate the activity of the browser as soon as unwanted websites are loaded. It basically kills the process, regardless of the number of tabs there are opened.

When opening the web browser again it is not advisable to restore the session because the blocked website is still loaded and the navigator gets terminated again. Instead, try to recover the harmless tabs by accessing the history list.

By default, the application is started in hidden mode, for all users. In order to access its interface by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+A key combination.

Additional shortcuts available in the program are Ctrl+Shift+C to hide the application window and Ctrl+Shift+S to delete it. The application window also makes available the possibility to turn the protection on or off.

During our testing we noticed that not all mature content websites are blocked by the program. This, coupled with the lack of protection in other browsers using the free edition, makes AntiPorno Win a rather inefficient utility that can be replaced by parental control programs.

Most of this sort of utilities provide protection across multiple web browsers and in some cases can restrict access to programs installed on the system as well as block access to the Internet for specific timeframes.

The free edition of the application lacks the ability to prevent access to online mature content across multiple web browsers and during our tests it did not manage to block all unwanted websites.