Storing information on your drive is a great idea for easy and secure data management, but when the amount of files exceeds a reasonable limit, regarding the organization and maintenance, you might want to check out a file finder program. AnyFile Desktop Search is a straightforward application that can pinpoint any file on your computer through a simple keyword search.

The interface has a simple build and there is nothing special to it, which in this case, it a plus, as most of us who require a time-saving app prefer the simplest way possible. At first launch, you'll be prompted to select the drives you want to allow the tool to function on, if you have more than one of course. If you skipped that part, you can do it later from the Drive to Include in Search menu and check the needed boxes.

The other component to the UI is the search filed, which is, in fact, the main element, as the work is strictly related to it. The filed requires only a keyword to do its job and works just fine for complete words. Also, partial keywords can be used to generate results, in case the original word is too long or takes too much time to type it.

After the list is populated with multiple files that match your keyword, you can open it or go to its location directly from the app. Right-clicking a file opens up a short menu with the Open and Go There functions — two helpful commands for quick access to your data.

To sum it up, AnyFile Desktop Search is a nifty tool that offers a quick and intuitive file search, aimed at any user, technical or not.