AnyFileBackup FTP is a comprehensive and reliable software solution meant for the transfer of files from FTP servers to local or cloud storage, through backup and synchronization tasks executed at regular intervals, to ensure nothing is lost.

Appearance-wise, the program features a fairly simple and practical user interface, its usage thus being quite straightforward, even for first timers and computer novices.

The main window of AnyFileBackup FTP displays existing tasks, while ‘New Task Assistant’, a wizard-style component, can help you set up new ones in just a few swift mouse clicks.

The ‘New Task Assistant’ enables you to pick the operation that you want to perform or schedule, your options being ‘Backup’, ‘Two-Way Synchronization’, ‘Clean-Up’ and ‘Monitoring’. It also allows you to ‘Schedule Actions’ to occur when the processing stage completes (for instance send messages via email, SMS, popup dialog, etc.).

AnyFileBackup FTP is capable of using FTP servers as a source for these operations, while the target locations include only local and cloud storage; this basically allows you to transfer files from your FTP account to your computer or an online server. However, should you need to more source or target options, you can resort to the professional edition of the utility.

When setting up a new task, regardless of its type, you need to choose the source directory from your FTP server, making sure the connection details are correct; you can then define the execution preferences: the target folder, the transfer options, filter type and repetition pattern (periodical, daily, manual, linked or upon remote request). When complete, you can activate the task, and it will run as scheduled.

All in all, AnyFileBackup FTP is an efficient and easy to handle application which can help you transfer files from your FTP account to your computer or cloud storage, being able to run the task on a recurring pattern and ensure all documents are kept up to date.