AnyFileBackup LAN is a user-friendly and effective piece of software designed to assist you in synchronizing, monitoring and backing up local and network data, executing these operations on-demand or on a schedule, depending on your preferences.

The utility features an intuitive and easy to understand interface, much of its functionality posing little to no difficulty in using from the first try, even for those with less experience in the field.

In addition, it offers a handy wizard, ‘New Task Assistant’, that can guide you every step of the way, enabling you to create and customize as many operations as you need, with hardly any effort.

AnyFileBackup LAN is capable of performing four main types of tasks, specifically ‘Monitor’, ‘Clean-Up’, ‘Synchronize’ and ‘Backup’. Regardless of your choice, the utility allows you to configure operations through a wizard-style component that simplifies matters for you, ensuring you obtain a successful result with minimal strain.

After selecting the preferred task type, you will need to define the target and source directories. Unlike the professional version which provides you with a wider array of functions, AnyFileBackup LAN is only able to use local and network folders as source and destination, while cloud storage can only be used as target location.

Subsequent to defining the source and destination folders, the program enables you to configure the execution frequency, either on demand or at regular intervals (daily, weekly, etc.). In addition, other actions can also be performed, such as sending an email message or a text message to your phone.

On a closing note, AnyFileBackup LAN is a practical and reliable application that can help you create duplicates of important files and folders from your computer or your Local Area Network, allowing you to ensure they are not completely lost, in case of a system crash.