Buying a new phone is an experience often overshadowed by the tedious task of transferring all your files from a device to the other and by the fear of losing precious photos, contacts, and others.

Fortunately, there are dedicated tools that not only minimize the risk but also make the entire process hassle-free, and AnyTrans for Android is one example in this regard.

Being, just as its name makes it pretty clear, dedicated to Android phones and tablets, the program proposes an intuitive and flexible way of moving your files to and from your device to your PC or even another handset, all with little effort being involved.

You need to start by connecting your Android device to your computer via a USB cable, and once you give the app access to your data from your phone or tablet, you are ready to choose the task you want to carry out.

It is important to mention that AnyTrans for Android can emulate your phone or tablet so that you can effortlessly explore its contents by looking into each and every folder. What’s more, renaming, editing or deleting directories on your Android device should raise no difficulty whatsoever.

The main window presents you with a series of shortcuts that enable you to perform various operations. As such, you can clone your Android device provided that both phones or tablets are connected to your PC, add new content to your device, or copy files from your Android to the computer.

In case you have migrated from iOS to Android, the program could be of great help too, what with its Android Mover feature that lets you transfer all your music, videos, contacts, messages, audiobook, and more in the blink of an eye.

Other than that, a Media Downloader is incorporated, once again proving the application’s focus on offering a comfortable workspace that should meet multiple needs at once. As such, you can type in or paste a URL and download media to a folder of your choice, either on your Android or your PC.

All in all, AnyTrans for Android is a powerful application that should make your transition to a new Android phone or table untroublesome while also letting you extract files to your PC. The program puts a lot of emphasis on ease of use and straightforwardness, for which reason there are high chances you could find a reliable help in it.