Computer customization can be done in a large variety of ways with Windows default features alone. If we are to include third-party applications, things get even more complex. For instance, Aone Photo Screensaver Maker helps you build a custom screensaver using pictures, images, and audio files.

The visual design is pretty clean, with a side panel that allows quick navigation through all objects you need to bundle inside your project. The rest of the space holds dedicated controls for each region, with the overall layout letting anyone accommodate in a jiffy.

In order to build a screensaver, you need pictures, and eventually an audio file or more, depending on the length and type you want to build. You can visit any step to make adjustments when working on your project, and the first one you’re taken to is for general info, such as author details, icon, extension, and path to save the final product.

Pictures can either be loaded through the built-in browse dialog, or by simply dragging them over the dedicated space. Supported formats allow you to work with files like BMP, WBMP, DIB, WBM, JPG, JPE, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, and TGA. After loading images, you can add a caption to one of many preset locations, with options to customize font.

Music is added in a similar way, with formats like MP3, WAV, and MIDI. Among the last steps represent some behavior and quality settings. For instance, you can set the duration of pictures to stay on the screen, how long effects to last, conditions for the screensaver to exit, background color, and more.

Last but not least, images don’t just pop out of nowhere, with a large list of selectable effects to make it more appealing. By default, all are selected, kicking into effect in random order, but you can preview and select only those you want to be used. The project can either come out as a SCR file to run directly, or EXE to install on other computers as well.

Truth be told, screensavers were born out of safety reasons, to make sure that old CRT monitors don’t get damaged when no color is shown for too long. Now, they have greatly evolved, and can even be used as presentations. Aone Photo Screensaver Maker helps you easily build screensavers from various pictures, audio files, and with tons of effects.