Without accuracy, musical instruments cannot render a musical piece as it was intended by the composer and oftentimes players tune them up. AP Tuner is a simple tool that can do the job when an instrument is plugged into the computer.

Installing it requires only a few steps but for the process to complete the system needs to be equipped with a recording device.

The interface lacks complexity and it is straightforward. The elements available are an energy indicator that shows the level of the current sound card input, a section where the latest detected note is displayed, a global tuning indicator and cent off indicators displayed bot graphically and in text.

Handling the product requires some knowledge about musical instruments and how they work, but other than this the settings are quite easy to understand.

Tuning options allow setting the difference between each half step and the basis for the tuning system. There is a list of temperaments to pick from and each entry can be edited according to the needs of the user.

Also, the note presets shown on the global tuning indicator are subject to modification or deletion. Moreover, the application can be tweaked by adding custom presets with the desired notes.

AP Tuner also includes a graphical representation for the harmonics that shows the exact frequency range of each harmonic for the entire duration a note is played. The current note is displayed and, for comparison, a reference note that has been stored previously is also shown.

If you know your way to musical instruments working with AP Tuner is not a tough job. All the functions are in plain view and can be shaped according to the needs of the user.