Learning a new language is always challenging, and a dictionary can be a valuable help, especially if you can use it on your PC. If you are interested in learning or improving your Bengali vocabulary, Aparajeyo Dictionary PRO can come in handy.

The graphic interface of the application is organized in tabs, meant to help you make the most of its features. This way, even users with little PC skills can still work on their Bengali knowledge.

The main tab is where you can type the word you are looking to translate from English to Bengali. You can get its meaning, find out what part of speech it is. Aparajeyo Dictionary PRO also allows you to perform a Google search right from within the app.

You can rely on this utility to get the pronunciation of the source words. You need to perform a search within the main window, right-click one of the displayed variants, and get its pronunciation in English. Unfortunately, you do not get the Bengali pronunciation as well.

A handy feature of Aparajeyo Dictionary PRO is that it integrates with various third-party text editors. For example, when are working in Notepad or your browser, and you stumble upon an English word you want to translate, you simply need to press the corresponding hotkey and its meaning in Bengali is displayed.

You can configure the translation to be shown in a popup window or a toast notification. You can change the default hotkey associated with this feature and while you can choose between several versions, you cannot set your own.

You can also alter the window timeout as you see fit.

All things considered, Aparajeyo Dictionary PRO can prove a useful tool to improve your vocabulary of Bengali and work on your translation skills.