APE2ALAC is a clear and user-friendly program that comes bundled only with the necessary components to provide an easy and swift way to convert your songs quickly from M4A to ALAC format.

The setup is over in a snap of fingers and uncomplicated. The provided layout is plain and self-explanatory coming with all the elements into a single window that is split into a standard toolbar with a few essential functions, a file list and two separate tabs with general and advanced options.

To enter items into the listing, just browse their source folder on the hard drive and they are automatically loaded together with a few details, like status, time and size, along with input and output locations, completion percentage and length.

Before converting the files, it's advisable to select the appropriate settings to accomplish the best quality. The first tab contains the audio profile (Apple Lossless) while the second one includes the video and audio quality, codec, aspect, frame rate, channels and sample. Plus, you can change the output folder from the bottom of the panel. The operation is usually finished in a couple of seconds, but can vary from a PC to another.

The utility supports batch conversion making the process more efficient. However, a built-in player to listen to your preferred music while doing your chores in not included. A bar is shown to each item to display the conversion progress.

The bottom line is that APE2ALAC is a simplistic and accessible application that comes in handy for those who need a small yet powerful utility to offer a fast conversion from Apple Lossless (M4A) to ALAC format. Tasks were executed quickly and smoothly during our testing and we didn't encounter any issues.