ApinSoft JPG to PDF Converter is a small software application specialized in converting image files to PDF file format. The photos are stored in a single output PDF item.

The GUI looks intuitive so you are not going to invest a lot of time into the tweaking process. A help manual is available and provides succinct descriptions about the program’s functions.

Images can be dragged and dropped directly in the main window or you may use the built-in browse button for adding some. The tool works with various file formats, such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, ICO, EMF, and WMF. You may add the content of an entire folder to the workspace.

The utility does not show detailed information about each item, only the file location. You can also preview the photos directly in the main window and remove the selected items or clear the entire list with a single click.

ApinSoft JPG to PDF Converter offers you the possibility to create a list with the pictures that you want to convert to PDF file format and save the settings to a file on your computer so you can import them in your future projects.

You are allowed to tweak PDF properties by providing details about the title, author, subject, keywords, date when it was last created and modified, creator, as well as producer. What’s more, you can adjust the image quality very easily thanks to the built-in slider.

The pictures are exported to a single output PDF file, provided that you specify the filename and saving directory. You can also arrange how the pictures are displayed in the output document by moving items up or down.

Tests have shown that ApinSoft JPG to PDF Converter carries out a task quickly and without errors. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.

All in all, ApinSoft JPG to PDF Converter provides a straightforward software solution for helping you pack multiple images into a single PDF file, and can be configured by rookies and professionals alike.