APK Image Extractor is a straight-forward and reliable piece of software aimed at Android programmers or even graphic designers who need a more effective way of extracting images, icons and logos from APK files, without having to install heavy development platforms, like Java or Android SDK.

This stand-alone utility is quite user-friendly, requiring basically no experience in working with complex development environments, and providing all its functions in plain sight, thus allowing anyone to work with them.

When launching the application, APK Image Extractor enables users to browse for and open the preferred APK file. However, it also supports RAR and ZIP archives, so they can work with whatever format they have at hand. It lets them view JPG and PNG files, be they icons, background images, logos, buttons, menus, or any other type of pictures.

After opening the file in the program's main window, users can preview its contents in a preferred, size, and cut, copy or delete certain elements as well as duplicate or rename them from the context menu. Users can export specific items from the APK file, meaning users do not have to extract all the objects, only the ones that are of interest to them. In the case of large-sized files, users have the possibility of sorting the contents by a variety of criteria, such as 'Name', 'Image Size', 'Color Depth' or 'Source Name'.

Moreover, APK Image Extractor supports batch mode, so if users need to work with multiple APK files at once, then they can resort to the command line interface, which enables them to extract all the images they need in just a few moves.

To conclude, APK Image Extractor is a useful and efficient application which allows Android developers to pull all the objects they want from APK, ZIP or RAR archives, with just a few mouse clicks, sparing them from installing heavy software on their system.