Aplus GIF to PDF Converter is a feature-rich application that enables you to generate PDF documents from GIF images. It has rich configuration settings that should satisfy the preferences of experienced users.

Setting up this app takes minimal time and effort. However, you must have .NET Framework installed. As for the interface, Aplus GIF to PDF Converter adopts a large window with multiple tabs for tinkering with options regarding the page size and margin, image size, PDF metadata, and security.

Since batch processing is supported, you can add as many GIFs as you want to the task list, in order to convert them at the same time. They can be rearranged in any order.

It's possible to opt for a preset paper size or optimize it, create separate PDFs from the GIFs or merge them into a single PDF, as well as to add a prefix and suffix to the new names.

Moreover, you can set the PDF page margin to center or a custom position, leave the original size, fit the picture to the page or set a custom width and height, enter the title, subject, author and keywords, as well as apply an owner and user password to protect the PDF documents from other unauthorized users.

Conversion tasks don't take long, after which you can open the new files with your PDF viewer to inspect quality results by comparing them with the original GIF pictures.

It didn't put a strain on the computer's performance in our tests, using low CPU and RAM. We haven't experienced any stability issues since, it didn't hang, crash or show errors.

Overall, Aplus GIF to PDF Converter comes packed with comprehensive options to help you turn GIF images into PDF documents, and it's geared toward all user levels.