Radio is far from dead, as there are numerous online radio stations you can listen to whenever you get tired of the same old playlist. They aren’t all easy to find, though, which is why a radio player can come in handy.

App Radio is a relatively simple application that puts an impressive number of radio stations at your disposal, making it easy to listen to music and news from around the world. It features a simplistic UI that could use some polish, but it is very easy to use.

The number of stations supported by this app is truly impressive, and it is safe to say that pretty much all of the popular ones are included. If there’s one you can’t find, you can even suggest it to the developers.

The stations are organized into multiple categories based on the genre of music they play, and you can also take advantage of the search function to find specific ones more easily.

Once a radio station has been selected, you can view the name of the current track and artist, change the sound volume and start or stop playback. If you like the station, you can even add it to your Favorites list.

App Radio allows you to listen to radio stations from around the world, and you can specify which of them should be displayed first by setting your country from the Options panel.

Some users may appreciate the application’s simple, clear-cut layout, but we found the UI to be too simplistic for our liking. While it is very easy to navigate through its menus, everything just looks rather outdated.

All in all, App Radio is a great app for users who like to listen to online radio, as it provides easy access to most popular radio stations on the web. It is very easy to use, but it would benefit from a modernized UI.