Those who subscribe to the Apple Music service may often wish they could enjoy their favorite songs on various other devices, and Apple Music Converter is a handy application that can help you out in this scenario.

It enables you to extract songs from iTunes in a couple of simple steps, as well as convert them to an extensive array of formats. The program is very easy to use, but it features a somewhat outdated UI.

Apple Music Converter’s installation procedure is very straightforward, as no advanced configurations need to be performed along the way, and the application will be ready for use instantly.

However, even though it fairly obvious, it should still be noted that the program requires iTunes to both be installed and running in order to find and extract songs.

Once you have launched iTunes and this application, your songs should be added to the processing queue automatically. You can navigate through the available categories to find the items you are looking for more easily, and then select the ones you wish to convert.

Apple Music Converter can export the extracted files to MP3, M4A, AC3, FLAC, AIFF and several other formats, and the encoder settings are fully customizable.

Moreover, it is possible to edit each song’s metadata, as well as remove or replace the default cover image.

The application’s UI supports multiple layouts, as you can hide various panels that are not necessary at any given time.

Apple Music Converter is certainly not difficult to use, but the application would benefit from a modernized interface.

To sum up, this is a helpful software utility that enables Apple Music subscribers to extract music from iTunes and convert songs to various formats. It can be used by experts and novices alike, but it is drawn back by its unimpressive UI.