There might be situations when you accidentally erased your personal photos, or simply formatted the SD card. Using applications that are able to recover all your personal data from SD cards might come in handy when you run into such cases.

AppleXsoft SD Card Recovery is a practical and effective piece of software that comes in handy for users who need to recover deleted, formatted or lost data such as documents, photos, and music from SD cards.

It comes with a wizard-like interface that allows you to scan the detected SD card and get back all your files within seconds. Since it supports various brands such as Kingston, Lexar, Panasonic, Samsung and Transcent, to name a few, the application allows you to restore your important data from CompactFlash, SDHC, MiniSD and MicroSD cards.

The left panel of the application enables you to choose the files you want to search for such as videos, Nikon, Sigma, Minolta or Fuji images, archives, text documents and MS Office files. As far as the file types are concerned, you are able to search for PDF, ARJ archives, PPT presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook messages, MIDI, MP3, WAVE and WMA audio files, as well as 3GPP, AVI, MP4 and MPEG videos.

Because it works with all the types of media used in digital camera and recovers data from all major cameras such as Canon, Nokia, Kodak, Fuji and Olympus, the application detects all the formatted, corrupted or lost files and restores them without affecting the output quality and format.

What’s more, it allows you to format the current SD card, create a new backup image and display previews of the recoverable pictures.

Considering all of the above, AppleXsoft SD Card Recovery proves to be a steady and effective solution when it comes to recovering data from SD cards, including documents, archives, presentations, spreadsheets and audio files.