AppliCradle is a completely customizable installer that enables you to distribute your application to the target users without requiring any programming knowledge whatsoever. By following just a few simple steps, you will have a ready-to-use installer for your software.

You start by copying all the application files into a folder on your computer and add the content of the AppliCradle archive into the same location. Practically, the so-called 'package' should have the same structure as the namesake directory in the AppliCradle archive.

The installer is freely customizable and you can configure it as you consider fit. For instance, the 'install.txt' file is used to point to the target application and set the default options for creating shortcuts on the desktop, in the start menu and in the root menu.

AppliCradle enables you to edit the license agreement as you consider fit and offers the possibility to choose the places where shortcuts of your application will be created.

Once every file is in its place, you can compress the folder into an archive and distribute it to the final users. Aside from the installer, AppliCradle also deploys an uninstaller ready to help the user quickly and easily remove the app from their computer.

There are various other solutions out there for generating a setup file for an application you want to deploy, but AppliCradle is easy to use and tries to keep things as simple as possible, without requiring you to deal with complex options.

The installer is straightforward and intuitive, so deploying your application becomes just a matter of pressing a few 'Next' buttons. If you want to test it before using it on your own app, an example program (called 'MyApp') is included in the package.