As the name implies, Appnimi All-In-One Password Unlocker is a software application developed to help you retrieve lost or deleted passwords. It supports several file types, including ZIP, RAR, PDF, XLS and XLSX and provides support for two different modes for recovering passwords.

The interface of the tool is based on a common window with a standard layout. Opening a file can be done by using only the file browser, since "drag and drop" is not supported.

If you know any information regarding the password you have lost or forgotten, then you can customize some settings, in order to reduce the time spent on retrieving it. So, you can write a prefix and suffix, as well as specify the minimum and maximum length.

There are two ways to approach the problem - dictionary-based or by using brute force. The first option allows you to use a plain text document that contains a dictionary of all words to be tried, while the other one permits you to write the numbers, symbols and letters (uppercase and lowercase).

The simple-to-use program has a good response time and can take a while to complete a task. However, we have not come across any issues throughout our testing, since the application did not hang, crash or display error dialogs. Although Appnimi All-In-One Password Unlocker packs limited features, they can be seamlessly figured out by users with no experience in such tools.