AppTimer is a lightweight utility that addresses anyone who needs to autostart various apps at a given time. The program can come in handy for those who perform regular tasks on their computer on a daily basis, such as starting work at 9 am for instance. In this example, all you need to do is select the apps that should be started automatically with a few minutes before you start your actual work.

You can get started by adding a new task which is the executable of the program that needs to be opened automatically. You can configure the timers once and then they are going to be running at the set hour every time. It goes without saying that you can add as many programs as you need, a list that is saved locally and is available after each startup.

It is worth mentioning that the program permits two types of timers, namely relative and absolute. As you probably hinted, the absolute timers entail that the tasks are going to be executed on a fixed time. On the other hand, the relative timers means that the task has an execution time that is calculated relative to the time when you started the timers.

The obvious advantage of the tool stems from the fact that you no longer need to waste several minutes manually opening all the apps you need for your project. Instead, you can simply open your computer and the app open all the programs you need while you go bring your tea or coffee.

In the eventuality that you need something simple to automatically start various programs that you need for projects you are working on regularly, then perhaps you can consider giving AppTimer a try.