Notepad is great for a lot of things, but you probably often wish you had a few more functions at your disposal without resorting to an overly complex text editor that just slows you down.

Appy Text is a modern Notepad alternative, in the form of a UWP app that includes a decent set of features, all packed into a simple, minimalistic UI. It is very easy to use, and it offers support for Markdown, as well as multiple color themes.

When you launch Appy Text, the first thing you notice will probably be the application’s minimalistic visual design. No space is wasted, and there is nothing to distract you from your work.

Aside from working with plain text files, the app also offers support for Markdown. You can use this syntax to write documents for the web, and an HTML preview can be generated with a single hotkey.

Appy Text allows you to work with multiple documents at once, as each of them is displayed in a separate tab. The app can even save your files automatically, so there is no need to do this yourself once you have made some changes.

A simple word counter is included, an important feature that shouldn’t be missing from any text editor nowadays. Additionally, the app can optimize the number of characters per line in order to improve readability.

A bright white background can cause eye strain, especially when you are working at night. Thankfully, you can choose between several alternative color themes, including sepia, gray and black.

On the whole, Appy Text is a simple but powerful alternative to Notepad for your Windows 10 devices. It offers a decent set of features while remaining lightweight and very easy to use.