Apsara is a simple, yet reliable tool designed to help you detect the beat of a song, by measuring the BPM rate. The application is straightforward and enables you to use both already existing audio files or live recordings. The tool also features a metronome function that can help determine the beat of the song.

Apsara allows you to import the audio files from local folders, as well as start recording live sounds if a microphone or a similar input device is connected to the PC. The supported files include MP3, WAV, WMA and MP4.

As soon as you load the files, the program can automatically detect the beat per minute rate. The accuracy of the detection depends on the quality of the audio file, which is why, the reading can be inconclusive. In this particular case, the notification ‘unknown’ is displayed in the designated column.

If you are recording live audio files, the volume, quality of the capturing device and the background noise could influence the outcome.

Apsara features a metronome tool, which you can set to a certain beat rate. It generates a subtle beep, at the end of each time interval, for comparison purposes. The beep is not recorded in the file.

Moreover, the volume detection bars can notify you if the program is currently recording the environmental sounds. The program does not allow you to export the recordings to audio files and save them on your computer.

Apsara also features a clock that displays the current time in the state of Arizona, as well as reads the local system time. This tool cannot be changed to display the time of a different zone. The program features a straightforward interface, with clear commands; moreover, hovering the cursor over the buttons displays useful tooltips and examples.