ArcDif application was designed to be a file and folder comparing tool which compares archive's every content files without extracting, as well as folders. Compares archive to archive, archive to disk and disk to disk.

Supports comparing different type of sources :

■ Archive to archive ( ZIP, LZH, CAB and RAR )

■ Archive to folder

■ Folder to folder

When you want to compare each content of two archives, it would need to extract them first and to remove the temporary later. You may forget to remove or remove wrong files by mistake. With ArcDiff, you can be free from such troublesome operations.

Also effective for comparing disk folders, because of its very efficient memory usage and estimated speed (takes linear elapse according to quantity of target files). Accepts drag and drop to specify the sources to be compared. Prints and exports the result of comparison.


■ 60 days evaluation period