Ares Galaxy Acceleration Tool is a lightweight piece of software designed for a single role, namely that of boosting the transfer speeds of Ares, a utility that facilitates the sharing of music, videos and other data via P2P.

The installation is a fast and forthright process that entails following a few standard steps that you are probably accustomed to by now. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a very simplistic interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles, especially since the transfer speeds are increased automatically.

The UI consists of a small window that enables you to turn the app on and off or minimize it, in case you want to focus on other tasks while the download or upload are in progress. While it does not come with a Help section or documentation, the intuitive interface can be easily operated by a wide variety of users, irrespective of their previous experience with computers.

The tool reveals a plethora of statistics about the data packets transfers, namely the type of connection, bytes sent and received, the connection status and the duration. The data transfer speeds are also exhibited in a graphical representation, so you know the spikes of the sent and received data packets.

As far as the settings go, the application can detect a wide variety of network interfaces that you can connect to for the transfer. You can expand the drop-down menu from the Settings and select the desired connection with just one click.

In the eventuality that you are using Ares to share music, photos, multimedia and other similar files with your friends and you want to make sure you can download and upload them as fast as possible, then perhaps Ares Galaxy Acceleration Tool could come in handy.